How We Work With Institutions

If you run I.T. at your institution, this page is for you. There’s a special contact form at the bottom of this page. We welcome your questions.

You make the rules

At University Tech, our relationships with the I.T. professionals at our client institutions are vital to our mission. Beginning with the very first institution we worked with, we’ve learned exactly where we can add value and applied our skills there and only there. To successfully serve institutions and students, we believe what we do needs to integrate technically and philosophically with what you do.


We don’t work on your equipment

The services we provide have nothing to do with your equipment or systems, because everything we do happens when they’re working on their own devices, but their tech isn’t.


We never need to log in to your systems

Because we provide our services remotely, everything we need to do our jobs is right here where we are, without eyes on your systems or configurations.


How we start

Our goal is to make the experience seamless for you and for students. When we begin working together, we meet with stakeholders to figure out the best way to tell to students about how to access your new support services. Most institutions want us to communicate as part of them, their tech support team. This can be achieved with an institutional email address, like The choice is simple. You send them or we do.

However we decide to work it, we always figure it out together and our clients are never inconvenienced. And they forget about providing tech support to their student population forever.

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Things We Don’t Do

Parachute In and Take Over Your I.T. Department

We’re dedicated to being the very best at tech support for students, and that's what we concentrate on. We will never waste valuable resources on jumpsuits or paramilitary gear.

Show Up With a Truck and Wire Your Campus for the Future

Sorry, we’re just a cloud-based tech support service, committed to helping your students succeed. Everything we do can be accomplished at a distance.