Cloud-Based Tech Support for Your Students

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When Greg was a student, his college had computers everywhere, but no file-sharing system, and certainly no tech support. Everyone was carrying disks, and people seldom were looking at the same version. Greg became obsessed with knitting the university together in one user-friendly system. Then he succeeded. He had a feeling other schools could also use some I.T. help, so he founded University Tech. He understood it takes proven, stable solutions to make technology work at scale. He knew he could make colleges work better while saving them money. Today, 350,000 happy users agree.

How It Works


We tailor our service to each institution. Each user gets an email with a link to activate antivirus on their devices.


We keep an eye on viruses, bugs, malware, and bots at all the schools in our network and let all our users know when action is needed.


When there’s trouble, we address it one-on-one, in real time via phone or chat, so your students can get back to learning.

Things We’ve Done for Our Customers


Some gamers want their processors to run faster than the gods ever intended, so the world has responded with plugins. Unfortunately, an overclocked workstation usually causes a fire. Users first notice their computer getting hot, and maybe smelling a little weird. Next, it won’t restart. Sorry. The good news is we can often recover your files.

It’s Updating…

Sometimes users call us complaining that their Windows™ machine began “updating,” without giving them a choice in the matter. When it was finished, their files were gone. Don’t worry, Microsoft just wants to keep you from getting hacked. Don’t worry, your files are still there and we’ll help you find them.

You Did What?

A user calls with a special problem. He’s run over his laptop. With a truck. Twice. This user was lucky. We sent his dead computer back to him with a thumb drive containing his files. If he’d subscribed to our backup service, his computer wouldn’t have needed that final airplane ride. If it’s possible, we will reunite you with your files.